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Alexander Lindner is a visual consultant working for the films and games entertainment industry. He has worked as production designer, co-director, art director and script consultant on some of the biggest european animation movies and video games. His range of works includes concept design, storyboard, illustration and matte painting for feature films, videogames and press. Contact: alxdesign@icloud.com Follow updates on Twitter: @alexxdesignn

August 14, 2012

Playmobil® "Western" - Concept Art

Concept art for the Playmobil "Western" product line. (Corel Painter 10, 2011)

Playmobil - Western Concept Art


Playmobil Zoo said...

Very artistic the colors and shades are perfectly match.It's light darkness have a nice reflection to give a life for the portrait.

drefeno said...

Maybe the coolest thing I've ever seen! I have to set up this Playmobil world every time I go to work, and this is just exactly how I picture it, and this is so beautiful (sorry- I'm rambling).

Absolutely amazing.