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Alexander Lindner is a visual consultant working for the films and games entertainment industry. He has worked as production designer, co-director, art director and script consultant on some of the biggest european animation movies and video games. His range of works includes concept design, storyboard, illustration and matte painting for feature films, videogames and press. Contact: alxdesign@icloud.com Follow updates on Twitter: @alexxdesignn

May 14, 2011

Matte Painting - "Seven Vikings" Exposition, Denmark

The permanent exhibition at the Moesgård Museum presents many unique archaeological finds from prehistoric Denmark. Two finds from the Iron Age - the Grauballe Man, the only completely preserved bog body, and the impressive sacrifices of weapons from Illerup Ådal - are the absolute highlights, but you can also see various reconstructed houses of the Viking Period, among others the Hørning Stave Church.

In 2011, for the occasion of it's 150th anniversary the museum opened a special exposition, "Seven Vikings", for which large scenography's were created, with incorporated original artifacts.

In the course of the exhibition, visitors are given an amazing insight into everyday life in the Viking Age, into significant trends and events during the period and into the globalised world of the Vikings. 

The exhibition was created by scenographer Kim Witzel, who the people of Eastern Jutland know well from the Bob Dylan shows at Aarhus Theatre, and in close collaboration with theatre director Vibeke Wrede and various experts within the Museum and beyond.

I was commissioned by MARK FILM, Denmark to create 3 matte paintings, showing three different scenes of a narrative taking place in the Viking village. This was a great experience, since the job was done under scientific and archeological supervision. Every detail needed to be historically correct - from the architecture of the houses down to width of an alley, or the height of a hedge. A very different experience from painting mattes for pure entertainment like movies or games, but I thought it was a real blast. I am looking very much forward to work for museums again!

All paintings done in Photoshop (no 3D elements). © Alexander Lindner - all rights reserved.

Sky Master (Photoshop)

Sky Detail

Footage shot for the port sequence (the second painting from above) by MARKFILM, Denmark.

Footage still for the street scene (third image from above)


26th of March to 23rd of October 2011

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April-September: Every day 10 AM - 5 PM
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Also closed on the 24th, 25th, 26th and 31st of December and 1st of January. 

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