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Alexander Lindner is a visual consultant working for the films and games entertainment industry. He has worked as production designer, co-director, art director and script consultant on some of the biggest european animation movies and video games. His range of works includes concept design, storyboard, illustration and matte painting for feature films, videogames and press. Contact: alxdesign@icloud.com Follow updates on Twitter: @alexxdesignn

February 26, 2011

Concept Art - Danone commercial III

More concept design for another Danone commercial. Client: Animationsfabrik, Hamburg.

Vehicle design, "Submarine" with laser gun

First versions

Final version

Submarine, side and frontal views for 3D modeling

Prop design "ejection seat"

Prop design, "Actimel disc holder"

Concept color sketch for the final battle scene

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